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Viewed from a certain distance, social developements, own observations and personal experiences are formed into textile objects. These interpretations are an inventory, do not offer solutions.
The isolation of singles persons, the futile attempt to repair broken families, or to cover loneliness by excessive consuming, the loss of employement by rationalization, unhuman exploitation in low-wage countries, and last but not least the realization, that each individual has the possibilty to influence his or her fate.
Leaving behind
textiles, wood, nails
140 cm x 90 cm

What will I leave behind, what will remain of me? Since early childhood I have had a very close affinity to textiles, especially my own clothing. To pieces that I wear for a long time, a symbiotic relationship develops, they become a part of me. Fabrics, colors, textures that cover my body, remind of the occasions that they were worn for. In this work about 3500 fabricstrips of my worn clothing were used. Every one bears memories and possibly particles of my DNA.
Possibilities to Unfold Oneself
textiles, wood, nails
appr. 40 cm x 100 cm
Flight Device for Handicapped Child
orthopedic corset and leg braces, aluminum, synthetic fibre, feathers
140 cm x 160 cm

Flying - an ancient dream of mankind
This fantasy must seem even more utopic to a handicapped child, in his real life not even beeing able to sit or walk independently.
By wearing this apparatus with glimmering wings and feathers, the possibility to become part of the imaginative world of fairies and dragons, to be Batman or Tinker Bell, becomes real. It enables to lift up into the air and escape from physical boundaries - at least for a little while.

Double Life

Double Life for two Chairs and Underwear

chairs, textiles
120 cm x 140 cm


mixed media
400 cm x 140 cm x 180 cm
chairs, textiles, metallic yarn, nails
120 cm x 120 cm

Beate Murat

used clothing
350 cm x 145 cm

Single Appartements
synthetic fibre, wire, foil         155 cm x 115 cm
circuit boards, aluminum and plastic foil, copper wire         126 cm x 87 cm
Made in China
dress, silk, cotton, metallic yarn          160 cm x 140 cm
Golden Rule: "As one makes his bed, so one lies."
cotton, wool, synthetic fibre, metallic yarn          200 cm x 130 cm
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