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Roses are in their versatility an ideal medium to symbolize the exciting interhuman and social developments. The exuberant growth of the rose and its thorns speak of the great vulnerability of feelings.
The poetry, which it doesn't loose in any phase of its beeing, expresses especially the delicate beauty of a love relationship.
Rose Cavaliers

Who dares to step on the Red Carpet of Encounter?

mixed media

Intimate Witness 3

I know,
that the rose bush bears thorns,
yet I love it.

Helga Kolb

synth. yarn, rose twigs

Intimate Witness 5

Be like a violet in the moss,
virtuous, modest and chaste,
not like the proud rose
that always wants to be admired.
Popular rhyme

synth. yarn, silk, rose twigs

Second Bloom

synth. yarn, silk, rose twigs

Rosy Outlooks -
Rosy Insights

mixed media
Rosa vulvara
rape = murder of the soul
handbag, silk, rose twigs
Rosa Labia
Only an excised woman is a good woman.
handbag, silk, rose twigs
Rosa Uteralis
handbag, silk, rose twigs
Rosa Vaginalis
handbag, silk, rose twigs

Auf Rosen gebettet

Rose leaves, when the rose is dead,
Are heap'd for the beloved's bed.

Percy Bysshe Shelley
iron, roses, stinging nettle
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