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Dress Chamber

The dress - most feminine of all garmets, room for woman's body and soul, this covering very close to the skin, partly fused to the being that it shelters, almost identical,
the dress liberated - free of function, taken out of its original role, freed from its subordinate existance as a warming attribute -
now making its own statement.

mirror, fur, wood

Yes, I do

dress, cotton yarn, glass, metall fence

Participants of War


silk, polyamid, brasswire
A woman's heart must have this circumfence, and no more, otherwise it has to be pressed together like chinese feet.
George Eliot
Her soul could escape,
- she simply left the wooden container.

wood, glue, nails

Sleeping Beauty
rosewood, wire, glass,
synth. yarn

Susan's Cocoon

She stayed only a short while.
Left is the memory - and the shell.

cotton, wire
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