Textile Art - Inge Stahl - After Flossenbuerg
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60th Anniversary Celebration - Liberation of the KZ Flossenbürg

After Flossenbürg - Suit for Grandfather

wool, synthetic, metal
IF my grandfather hadn't talked so much, the neighbors said,

THEN he would not have come here, but

IF he had lived to this day of liberation,

THEN I would have brought him a dark suit, because

IF my grandfather had been invited here, he would have been very concerned about his appearance,

THEN he would have found stripes to be unappropriate for this festive occasion. Oh,

IF it were so, that he had lived to this day, and he could be here now,

THEN I would take the red triangle, the brandmark of a political prisoner, and pin it on him as a medal of honour, and tell him, how proud I am of him, because

IF there had not been people like him, who were willing to risk their lives for their believes,

THEN we all would have to be even more ashamed of the horrible things that happened here.
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