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Entbindung = Dispensation, Delivery

a double-edged experience
4-piece installation)
entbinden = 1. to dispense, to release from 2. to deliver

Loosening a connection
Breaking off responsibility
Cutting off provision
Ending a relationship
Loosening a binding
Delivering a child

Burdens and hardships, that women have to carry and bear because of their sex.

Wanted Child,
Designer Baby

A beeing between tenderness and genetic engeneering

As white as snow,
as red as blood
and as black as ebony

Premature Births

Immature creatures, which ripen in an artificial uterus.
Born too early - too early for whom - depends on the point of view.

Conserved Childhood

To preserve the idyl under the glassdome. - Durability references for the infantile society.
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