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In this cycle of work not only a personal playfully-serious confrontation therapy is realized, it is also an analysis of the position of youth and old age in society. The methods of coping with the process of aging are various and range from total ignorance to obsessive fighting against the inevitable.
Digitalprint on cotton, synthetics          50 cm x 60 cm
A look in the mirror - traces of past, present and future
Skin Repair I
Synthetics, foil, yarn
100 cm x 100 cm

Aging skin and decayed fabrics - compared in their fragility and process of aging

Skin Repair II
Silk, cat gut, yarn
107 cm x 107 cm

Preserving, stabilizing, restoring -
measures against the process of aging


lost hair, copper wire
11 cm diameter

- loss of youth and beauty


lost hair, veil
240 cm x 120 cm
... suggestion of a long lifetime passing

Blonde, lifted

hair, tulle, metallic yarn
125 cm x 90 cm
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